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hi, i'm from ontario canada and am writing a industrial instrument mechanic test. it seems difficult for many to pass. has anyone passed it out there? and if so what resources are good? thank you.
I am not sure what you are asking completely but:

I have taken the ISA CCST (Certified Control Systems Technician) certifications (through Level 3)( who are or were the leader in Instrument and Control information at one time, I have also taken the NICET (National Institute of Certified Technicians) certifications (Level 4) and the CAP certification (Certified Automation Professional).

There are numerous materials on what to study and materials available from ISA as well as NICET on their web sites, my preference is the way the NICET tests were laid out to cover a broad area of background with listings of what will be covered.

They all require time in the field as a requirement.

HI, I have a same question.I have done lots of reserch,but I still couldn't find any resouces except occupational analyses for industrial instrument mechanic.There are a lot of study resources for CCST, NICET, but I am not sure how much difference between them.
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