Industrial Safety Standards in the USA


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Steve Steele

I am looking for thoughts and feedback on implementation of safety standards into control design, what direction the USA is headed in reference to existing ANSI standards becoming regulation through OSHA (governing body referencing the standards), and thoughts on the design references that we are being asked more often by customers, requiring Category (B, 1-4) references of the EN954-1 European risk assessment standards. What standards and regulations do you use (in general) and ultimately, is it not the end user working with the machine builder to produce a "safe" machine or assembly line?
As far as I know, in the US, there are several regulatory bodies that dictate safety standards:
The military has their own Mil-standards. The FAA has their own for aircraft. Automobiles have their own. Industrial electrical safety is through National Electrical Code, which not all states has adopted. Semiconductor Fabs have the SEMI standards. Consumer product safety is via UL or CSA. But that is only if it is plugged into the AC power for the most part. FCC has their own emi/rfi standards.

Europe used to be country by country basis, now it is unified under the CE directives [except the military]. So, the bottom line: it depends on where the product is being applied. It would be nice if it were all under one "unified" standard but try getting the military, FAA, UL and all these bodies and people to agree would be a challenge.