Instrumentation Technicians in Australia


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Dear friends is there anybody who can tell me the name of recognized Government organization/institute/society which certifies Instrumentation Technicians in Australia like in the US it is ISA ( Instrument Society Of America ) I’ll be very Thank full to you .
Usually the format for obtaining your Process Control Instrumentation Certificate is you would be employed by a company as an apprentice in an Instrument Tech. or dual traded Inst/Elec like I was and you would attend TAFE college each year for 4 years approx. 6 weeks/year, returning to your employer to get the practical experience. If you are an existing Inst. Tech. and want to work in Australia you would need to contact a TAFE college perhaps which are situated across each state of Australia, in Brisbane try them and probably some Government body, I have just found it in the Telephone book (Overseas Qualification and Tradeskills Recognition) Ph. 1300369935 in Australia