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Alejandro Lopez

I have 28 moduls of I/Os (170ADM69051 and 170ADI54050) with modulos of communication (170INT12000), of which 15 are recognized by card 140NOA62200 and 13 are not recognized. Those that are not recognized show ignited led's WR. And RD, BA & RC is flashing

Bradley Hite

Hello Alejandro,
Have you RTFM.

According to the manual
06DAC5D!OpenDocument .
If the WR LED is ON that indicates "Light quantity at the receiver of the outgoing remote bus is less than of the threshold value (- 26 dBm)."

What is the status of the WG LED?

Based on the limited info you provided I would suspect a problem with the fiber optic cabling or the terminations of the fiber optic cabling.

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The problem can be, that the Sycon configuration is not filled well in your case.
Or check the last working module setting. The RED slide switch may be in END position? It's only allowed on the really last module position.
Or the cabling is corrupted between the modules. Normally steady green LEDs must be on the INT modules.
Did you tried to replace the working module's from a working position to a non-recognised position?

Which version of Concept do you use?
Make sure, that you use Concept 2.6 SR2
Which version of firmware is located in the NOA 62200 module?
Make sure, that you use version 1.08.

In case of any doubt, please contact your nearest Schneider sales office in your country. They should help in this case to.

Good luck!
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