Interfacing gas sensor to 8051 and computer


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hi there,
i'm doing a project on interfacing gas sensor to pc. i'm using 8051 microcontroller and now, i've already build the 8051 circuit. the problem is, i'm stuck at how to interface the gas sensor to 8051 and how to read the data from pc. please help me on this one :-(

any ideas will be helpful.

Sergey Y. Yurish

Please supply more details about your project.

First of all, what kind of signal do you have on the gas sensor's output (voltage, current, frequency, duty-cycle, PWM, digital)?
thanks for your reply..

i'm using FIGARO TGS2602 gas sensor. the output is in voltage. since the output is in analog form, i'm currently thinking to use an ADC..

the basic operation of the project (theoritically) is the sensor sense the odour source (ethanol preferably), and then passing the signal to 8051 as data logger. the data then will be pass to pc using serial com which afterwards will be analyze using c or c++ and the output will be shown as a graph.