Regarding Interfacing of Proface HMI with MHI( Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ) PLC

I am not an expert in Proface and in a recent project there is a Proface HMI AGP-3600 and there is a MHI ( Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) PLC Step3 Ethernet and we do not have any software or program to look inside the MHI plc.

Originally this PLC was connected to AVIO HMI which the language is Japanese and we preferred to Replace by above Proface HMI.

My problem is that after quite struggling we made an interface with the PLC and the Bit address interfacing and alarms are updating online.
But no Word address and analog readings are showing up.

We have tried in all aspects including manipulating Port addresses and IP addresses. In all trials any changes will stop the interfacing fully and Communication error 69 is showing up. Only one fixed configuration is operational for the bits and alarm . LD addresses are read/write but LA addresses are not active.

Any comment on your end will help us .
Thank you .