Intouch 9.5 accessing Citect data


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Hello Everyone,

I am working on an Intouch 9.5 Scada application that needs to access information (Real and Discrete values) currently residing on a Citect Scada system.

I have no previous experience with Citect but am well versed in Intouch. Does anyone know any worthwhile documents available to help me solve my problem? Or more importantly, does anyone know if this is indeed possible to solve?

Thanks in advance.

Nathan Slider

Use Intouch OPC client and request the data desired from Citect OPC server, or use the MBSlave driver from within Citect and configure your Modbus addressing tags to use this new IODevice. This driver allows Citect to emulate a Modbus-compatible PLC so then you should be able to use your Modbus Master (Intouch) to read the data registers.

Nathan Slider