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Unai Uriarte

I have use 3 diferent configuratións:

1. Wonderware DDEserver for 1748-ktx of AllenBradley. It´s a good solution for me, but 1748-ktx it´s an ISA bus card and I have problems to
buy PCs with ISA slots.

2. WWLinx + RSLinx + 1748-pktx. It´s a solution for the ISA bus slot problem because PKTX is and PCI card. The problem of this solution is the price, too much licenses: InTouch with IO, RSLinx and the fisical card PKTX.

3. SST 5136-SD-PCI card + SST OPCserver. It´s teoricaly the best solution. PCI interface card and not too much licenses. The problem here it´s with the OPCLink of wonderware. I´m not sure about the correct configuration of this soft and I have problems using IOsetItem script function and writing values to IOtagname. Concretly the writing problem it´s that when I write and new value in a tag, this tag keps first the new value, tem reads the old one from the PLC and finly changes to the new one that I have writed. I have to define high Update intervals in the OPCLink or to define a lot of topics with very litle number of tags in each one.

Do anybody nows any better solution?

Thamks a lot.
Hi Unai!
For item #1, there are many KTx cards now available in the market with PCI-slot interface so you won't have a problem using a new PC with PCI-only slots. It's called PKTxd card (PCI). It costs around US$10,000(?).

For item #2, I don't think you need to buy RSLinx driver. You only need WWRSLinx and the card. The only thing you will buy here is the license for the IOServer (which is WWRSLinx) and the PKTx card.

For item #3, I have no idea about this card and the OPCServer so I can not comment on this.

The other solution is to use the serial port of the PC and the PLC but this will also become complicated and will make the connection slow. You can use the DF1 OPCServer.

I think the best solution so far is to use the DH+ port of the PLC and a KT (or PKTX) card. This is the fastest and most efficient connection. Regards!

Martyn Sudworth

I have found this works well. The initial cost of the sst card (800 pounds UK) is a bit high, but the system works seamlessly, certainly
for a 1 intouch to up to 10 PLCs system. Ethernet is, of course, good but requires deciding from the start, so it's probably too late for
Allen Bradley 4-slot Contol Logix rack, power supply, Ethernet card, DH+/RIO card and one package of RSLinx. With this set up, you can see\access the 500's over ethernet!