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Jim Pinto

The latest JimPinto.com eNews is on the web at : http://www.jimpinto.com/enews/dec28-2000.html Contents: New Browser for P2P Computing P2P - In the enterprise Scarcity & Abundance - The Inflection Point The Myth of High Electricity Usage Wearable Computers - "My Jacket is Ringing" 1.5 Giga Hz Pentium + 180 gigabytes hard-drive Fortune names Rockwell "Takeover Bait" eFeedback - Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Entropy Note : This is the final issue of JimPinto.com eNews for the old year, century, decade, millennium. We will resume in the new era! Happy New Year! Cheers: jim ----------/ Jim Pinto email : [email protected] web: www.JimPinto.com San Diego, CA., USA ----------/