LabVIEW RS232 driver for 1336F Allen-Bradley motor drive


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Jeffrey A. Gruber

Need LabVIEW drivers to communicate RS232 with a Allen-Bradley 1336F AC Motor drive. The interface to from the PC to the drive is a GD2 RS232 to SCANPORT adapter.
Actually, this is fairly easy if you configure the 1203-GD2 module properly. What the 1203-GD2 does is emulate an SLC or PLC data table. The module can be set for several variations of the DF1 protocol, and the 1203-GD2 Series B module can even be set for the multidrop DH-485 network.

You can set this Plus II drive to look just like a SLC-5/03 to the LabView software. Use their DF1 Full Duplex driver and set your 1203-GD2 up
accordingly (same baud rate, error checking, and electrical RS-232 interface).

The drive parameters are represented by SLC-500 or PLC-5 data table elements; for example, Parameter 12 would be represented by SLC-500 data address N50:12.

The 1203-GD2 manual is essential for setting this up: