Ladder logic samples for ControlLogix or SLC500


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Anibal Hernandez


I'm starting to work on PLC's from AB, specially the SLC 500 and the ControlLogix series, I came from programming PLC's from PLCDirect by Koyo and found them very different.

Do you know of any website where I can download some Ladder Logic samples made for the ControlLogix or the SLC 500. Perhaps with comments within the code.

Thanks a lot.

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Bill Simpson

Hi Andy,

Take a look at the "PLC Programming Command Guide" web site
It's a new (RSLogix) site but they're moving along quickly, have a lot of good info and have already started posting some example programs.

If your interested in getting a feel for RSLogix and don't have a PLC at your disposal, I have a beta download of a RSLogix simulator I'm working on (LogixPro) which you can download for free at ( It doesn't simulate all the aspects of a PLC, but it's pretty darn close to RSLogix as far as the editor and programming goes. Comes with a process simulations package which really adds a bit of fun and challenge for the would-be programmer.

best of luck, Bill
Andy, I have a nice program with documents which runs a bin shuffler system. let me know if u want the project file. very well documented. vic