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good morning

first i'd like to understand the mean of external mount of an instrument
second: my company will construct an oil storage tank (more than 10 meters of altitude) equipped with all necessary instruments. the client require an external mount for the level indicator. my proposal is to mount a stand pipe that will be equipped with a float type level indicator.

i'd like to know is it possible or no

If the float is inside the tank and only its indicator is mounted externally, it is not unusual to drive a pipe into the ground somewhere near the tank and mount the indicator directly on the pipe or in a panel on the pipe.

But I suspect that your float style level measurement is the kind that is in a separate, but connected, bypass column, an external (stand) pipe that connects to the tank with flanges or piping in which a magnetic float travels up and down which 'trips' colored flags which indicate the level. The connection(s) make a bypass indicator part of the tank. For a 10m tank the typical connection would be flanges.

There are numerous commercial vendors of such.
thanks it's ok

but if i exclude the float type what type of level indicator can i use for an external mount