Linear motion actuators


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I'm looking for an linear motion system that has the ability to travel 55' to 60' @ a rate of 6'/second and be reversable. The loads are very light (100lbs or less.

Any help?
55 to 60 feet long at approx. 2M/sec... you don't mention velocity
accuracy/ripple, position repeatability or accuracy so I'll assume these
aren't major issues. You may want/need to consider a linear motor based
solution. However, the issue of moving (flex) cables is one issue (design,
cost and voltage drop) . Permanent magnet LMs (my company's type) may be
cost prohibitive as the longer the distance the more magnet plate(s)you
need. Magnets are $$. Linear induction motors (LIM) eliminate the magnets -
try Indramat. One main advantage of linear motors is that they totally
eliminate the rotary/linear mechanical system. The magnetic wave generated
by the motor simply moves the "forcer" part down a long track of two linear
rails. Feel free to contact me directly.
Depending on what your loads are as well as positional accuracy and repeatablity, I would take a look at a belt driven system. Many times linear motors are used when they really don't have to be. A properly sized belt system will perform suberbly in light load applications, at a fraction of the cost.

If you wish to discuss further, send me an email.

Another belt option would be the Hoerbiger-Origa system. 60' might be an issue so I would take a look at laying down a gear rack and running back and forth with the attached pinion/drive mechanism to the slide.