Looking for a DNP OPC Server and a OPC Gateway.


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Jorge Díaz

I have a SEL-2030 and I want to connect it to a Ethernet LAN with MMS, but there is a problem. The SEL-2030 doesn't have an implementation of MMS protocol, it uses the DNP and Modbus protocols. SEL Inc is working in Ethernet card with MMS but I don't know the exact date of delivery, and I'm short of time.

I found a MMS OPC/DDE server (AX-S4 of CISCO) but I yet need a DNP OPC/DDE server and a OPC/DDE gateway. So if somebody has an idea or proposal how i can get this interconnection please let me know this.

Thank you in advance

Atte: Jorge Díaz
At www.substationautomation.com you can find a solution from Schneider Electric that communicates on DNP3.0 and MMS protocols with Modbus protocol built-in. They have specific examples in the brochures of interfacing to IED's such as those from SEL using these protocols.