Looking for idea on the following dilemma.


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Looking for an easy method to have multiple PLC's in the field dial up a computer at midnight to report daily activity to a Windows98 PC.

The PLC's (yet to be determined) will be scattered over a wide area. They will be lower end PLC's as I/O is relatively simple (no more than 24in/24out,most likely). At the end of each business day the PLC (thru RS-232 and Modem?) will dial up a Windows98 PC and report daily thruput.
Simplest way to do this is to have either a master PLC or use PC softlogic to call each remote in sequence for daily data. This allows for error checking of data before moving on to the next station. Available mediums are dial lines (standard telco), leased lines, unlicensed radio, licensed radio or satcom (listed in approximate increasing expense order.) I have used all these methods. E me if you have any questions.