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I'm looking for an inexpensive and small controller with 1 analog output and 1 digital output that interfaces serially to a PC. I will communicate to it via rs-232 and the GUI and mscomm control will be done in VB.

The only thing I've seen are controllers w/ large numbers of analog and digital I/O. Also, they usually come with their own software and won't release the commands that allow customers to write their own software.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Rick Jafrate

1. Do a goggle search on microplc.
2. Make your own using a PIC microprocessor.


Rick Jafrate

James Ingraham

AutomationDirect.com's DL205 PLC will cost you around $500 and do what you want. They have a lower-end DL05, but I don't think it can do analog out, just in. It is programmed in ladder logic.

Z-World (www.zwolrd.com) makes a host of C-programmable, serial communicating controllers. I highly recommend them. Again, about $500 for everything you need.

Try contacting a company called Control Microsystems located in Kanata, Ontario. They make small controlers designed for SCADA systems.
Check out Adam I/O modules from Advantech. Also Answerman from Micromint. They both are small I/O modules that use serial ASCII data to

Bill Sturm