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Helmut Meissner

A costumer is asking for temperature controllers with modbus using SPI (plastic industry) protocol.
I could not find any documention for this.

West Industries, Brighton, does not have much information, they sold some controllers about 6 years ago in the US market (Partlow). Now costumers in france and austria are looking for software-changes and Docs, but I can not get this.

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Linnell, Tim

We have one with Modbus and SPI protocols in the same unit (software switchable). Contact me off list at [email protected] and I'll provide full details.


Tim Linnell (Eurotherm Controls)

I am not aware of any SPI flavor of MODBUS (in the last 25 years or so) - maybe it is a mix-up of two, conflicting, requirements (SPI is probably Siemens Single Point Interface protocol - of the S7 series).

Meir Saggie
meirs at fil.co.il

Linnell, Tim

For information, SPI protocol is the Society of Plastics Industry Protocol. It's an ASCII serial line protocol with profiles for various different types of device, for example General Purpose Self Tuning Temp Controller, Chillers, etc. It has an equivalent function (and is based on the same underlying transport protocol, though very loosely) as Euromap 7, used in Europe.

Not to be confused with SPI as used in microcontrollers, which is a synchronous serial protocol (i.e. clock + data) used to communicate with peripheral devices, and certainly nothing to do with Siemens or the S7. Also not related to Modbus in the slightest.

Tim Linnell (Eurotherm)