Masking Alarms from Quick Builder Points on Experion PKS


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DCS System: Experion PKS (Safety manager for ESD/FGS)

We have some ESD points that We receive to DCS through MODBUS protocol, in which these points are created on Quick builder database (DCS: Master, ESD:Slave). Most of these points have their high and low alarms set with a certain priority (low, urgent, high etc..)

Whenever there is a shutdown for a certain equipment, i want the priority of these alarms to be masked(e.g. changed to journal) or disabled, to avoid the flood of alarms coming to my consoles

Now this can be easily done if these points were created on Config studio (control database), in which some pins could be used on the DACA Blocks (e.g. PVHLEXT.PR ).

My question is, how i can I do the same for Quick builder points, in other words change a parameter of QB point.

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