Measurement of dust/solid particles inside a glass bottle


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Prasanjit Nandi

Normally,we use glass bottle for filling edible liquids such as milk, juices etc.
We have faced problems of contamination of such edible products by the foriegn particles,such as woods,dust or any such like items, present inside the glass bottle.
It creates severe bad reputation of the company, when such contaminated bottles reaches the market un-noticed.
We want to sense such foriegn particles before the filling point and take corrective action to reject the bottle.
Please suggest us suitable solution for this problem.

Anthony Kerstens

I have heard of machines that invert empty bottles and give them a shot of air.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Marc Sinclair

I helped in the design of such a system. which is used widely in the UK. It uses a camera system to inspect the bottles, and can be setup to check cap position, bar codes or cleanliness of bottles. one of the machines is detailed here It's certainly not rocket science and you should be able to construct something along these lines. As the bottles are empty, the rejection method could be quite simple, an air blast perhaps?

Marc Sinclair


I previously worked for a company that put liquid into a can. Since it was an aseptic process, the can had to be sterilized prior to filling. The steps prior to filling included running the cans upside down for a long stretch of conveyance, hot water rinsing, and finally, a 400 degree F superheated steam "bath" / blast to make sure everything was clear.

We never had any problems with residue in the cans.

--Joe Jansen