Measuring Water Tank Level with a high Frequency Radar Level Transmitter

I'm just wanna know if the high frequency 26 GHz radar level transmitter can measure water levels? what's the difference between short wave and long wave? can I use the ultrasonic water level sensor instead of the radar level transmitter? If I select 26 GHz radar level transmitter, will it affect the measurement accuracy.

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Dear Sir
Radar and Ultrasonic Level Transmitter both work well for water. Depends on the level variation, for a sea water where the variation in level is fast we sometimes tend to recommend Radar Level Transmitter. Please find link for the 6.3 and 26 GHz Radar Level Transmitter We also have our High Frequency Radar Level Transmitter at 140 GHz For more details you can send us an enquiry on [email protected].

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