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I am new to plc programming and recently my company has brought a Mitsubishi plc to replace the obselete philip plc.
I am in dire strait?
Can anyone tell me where i can find a Melsec Medoc "A" series manual download (preferably for beginners) on the net.


Contact your supplier they should be able to get you in contact with your locat mitsubishi representative; or go to the mitsubishi web site and email them. Be sure to let them know that mitsubishi is the only PLC manufacturer that does not have free downloads of thier manuals already online. Good luck.

Johan Bengtsson

If, what you want, is learning about PLC-programming in general and how that is done in mitsubishi:s PLC:s then you might have use for our training package(s) in PLC programming. More info can be found at or by replying to me

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Hey, Thanks.
I just got a job today doing a project for a local museum, and I haven't had any experience with mitsubishi before- they had the medoc disks, or copies anyway, but I haven't been able to get the 'ware to work- keeps scanning a: when I try to open a new file and I couldn't figure out what the hopefully these two (me)docs'll help me out.

thanks again