MEM Fault on TSX47-420 V4.4 & 4.2 PLC


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Scott Massie

Sorry for the long winded post.

I have encountered an MEM fault on an old Telemecanique TSX47-420 PLC after a 6 hour power outage. I have tried the following with no success,

1. Reload Program - error message in xtel- 15026 Reservation PL7-3 not possible.

2. Re-Initialise processor- error message in xtel- 15034 Init has not been effective.

3. Replaced Processor and RAM module- Same fault appears.

4. Replaced Batteries on RAM Module and Processor- Same fault appears.

Xtel is communicating fine with the processor as I am seeing the correct processor come up when I connect to each of the different versioned processors I have tried.

I have a complete line down in my facility at this time losing thousands an hour, any help would be appreciated.