Micrologix 1200 8-Pin Mini Din Connector


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Does Any one have the above pin-out I need to connect the Micrologix to a PC. The 1200 Manual isn´t very helpful it only references to cables # to be bought from AB. Over US$70

Jerry Miille

You are stuck with the A-B cable. Even if you figure out the pin assignments for the Mini Din, it is not a standard plug. The 8-Pin Mini-Din you get from Radio Shack will not physically plug in.

Jerry Miille

Theo Baarslag

I couldn't find any information so far on it either, so my company has ordered one of those cables. If we have it, I'll see if I can open the connectors and see what's inside. But if it is sealed or molded in one piece, I guess you're out of luck from this end.

I don't like paying 70 dollars (or the equivalent in euros), discount or not, for something that we don't have much use for, but if the alternative means there is a chance of messing up or destroying a production machine, the choice is easy. For research and/or development / testing purposes that might be different though.


Theo Baarslag
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You can use the pin connection diagram that you can find in AB catalogue. I do not remember the cat no. You have to find a mini din connector with split metal giudes and remove one of them (available in the market) and wire up the cable.It works for me for the past few years.
Only a few dollars.

Please look at A-B Manual for 1200, under chapter "Communication Connections", page 4-13.
There you can find pin-out and wiring diagram for 1761-CBL-PM02 cable, the one that you need.
The name of the file that I have is 1762-um001b-en-p.pdf

Alan Vrana


That pinout is published in many locations, e.g.,


I found that one and others by searching the KnowledgeBase with "pm02".

However, you should consider purchasing a 1761-CBL-PM02 (US$50 list price), because the DIN socket on the MicroLogix 1200 is deeply recessed, and a DIN plug designed for solder or crimp connections will probably not fit. (This is not a problem for other products that use this family of cables.)

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida