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Petr Baum

I need to provide MMI for Mitsubishi A0J2H but there seem to be no driver for it in our preferred platform - Labview. Any ideas how to
go about it, please?



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Pierre Desrochers

Petr - This is not the nicest way to go but it will work without writing a driver.

Purchase MelDDE from Mitsubishi (+/- $250) - It will read and write through an Excel worksheet... (not nice but robust anyway). After this Labview
should be no problemo .

Pierre Desrochers
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IF Labview doesn't query for the CPU type then you can select A3 if available and use that. Just keep your device use in the range that the
A0J2H supports. You might also try A2. I've not worked with Labview, if A3 or A2 is not a selection can you give me the options that you have available?

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Iconics has an OPC server for that card I used to be a app. engineer for the mitsubishi product line and I have used both the server and cards. I am not sure if Labview supports OPC but they should.

Bob Miller