Modbus Communication with AB Power Monitor 3000


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Jorge Martinez

I am looking to connect to a Allen Bradley Power Monitor Meter series 3000 through an RS-485 port. This meter supports Modbus RTU, and I want to convert it to Modbus TCP over IP so that I can access the meters register through our Intranet.

Have anyone had experience on this? Is there a converter\gateway that is recommended (User Friendly)to achieve a seamless communication with the meter?

Hi Jorge,

based on my previous experience, we can utilize bridge from Schneider
Electric called "174 CEV 300 20", below are link for manual in pdf:$File/31005108_k01_000_00.pdf

or you can also use another Schneider product which is designed for their Power meter, but I have not try it yet :

As long as I know, Rockwell Automation doesn't have modbus serial to
ethernet converter, so we have to use third party product.

Can you more detail about your requirements do forum members will be
able to share their best opinion,
may be you can share us your system arrangement drawing.

Thanks and regards

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Thanks Ikhtiander.

What I have is the AB Power Monitor Meter. It is connected to the PLC through DeviceNet communications option. And since I can not change that option, I will have to use the native RS-485 port. We are pulling data out of all our plants through the network by using Ignition application software from Inductive Automation.

With this application, the devices (PLC's, Electric Meters) are being identified as Modbus servers.

So far I have not used a device with RS-485 port. And I contacted Real Time Automation about their 460MSMM Gateway.

I also have some KRAL Diesel Fuel Flow-meters that have a RS-485 port and also support Modbus RTU. The thing is that I have never used that protocol. The flow-meters gave me the registry address in HEX and the gateway takes the address in decimal. I have 12 of these flow meters and I got to daisy chained them to eliminate excessive wiring.

So, I am hoping that I will be able to set up communication using this gateway and get the right data.