Modbus For Deep Sea 7420 mkii tutorial and protocol

Hello my name is Eko.

Currently I need modbus protocol for deep sea 7420 mkii. I'm new also in this field. can you help me give link tutorial and correct reference for Modbus?

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According to an on-line DSE7420 manual, "The RS485 port can be configured for connection to Cummins MODBUS engines". I don't know if that means the box is a Modbus master or Modbus slave, but whatever it is, it involves configuring the device's DSENet port.

The availability of a register table (map) for the data values available via Modbus\TCP (from tech support) defines the Modbus/TCP function as a server/slave.

Several statements in the Operator Manual refer you to "DSE Publication: 057-262 DSE7410 MKII & 7420 MKII Configuration Software Manual" for communications module configuration.

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