Modbus Plus and Square D Symax


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Keith Clendening

I am trying to connect a Modbus Plus Network to an existing Square D Symax network. I have an existing PC that has Sylink Card in it and the goal is to eliminate this PC and have Modbus Plus talk directly to the Symax network. Any Ideas on how this can be accomplished?
Use Quantum CPU (140CPU11303) and a Remote I/O module (140CRP93100). This can eliminate the needs of that PC.
CPU has one Modbus Plus port, which will acts as a node on your existing MB+ network.

You can connect the RIO head module to your Symax "island". You need to write a very simple code to access the network.

Good luck.

Robert Willis

Check out the NR&D MEB Module ( This module supports two RS422/RS485 (Modbus and SY/MAX Protocol Support), Redundant Modbus Plus Ports and a 10BASET Ethernet Port (Modbus TCP/IP and SY/MAX Ethernet Protocols). The module does not have a direct connection to the SY/NET (Blue Hose). You will need to use a "Net-to-Net" limk between an existing 8030CRM5xx Network Interface Module (NIM) or directly connect to the SY/MAX RS422 Serial Port of the processor.

Robert Willis