Modbus RTU, TSX37 <--> REF 542+


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Zoran Jakus

I want to make a communication between a Micro TSX 3721 plc and Multifunction protection and switchbay control unit REF 542+ ABB via Modbus RTU network RS 485.
Anyone try it?
While I have not talked to an ABB device, I have used the READ_VAR and WRITE_VAR communications statements to talk to drives via Modbus commands.

I used the optional Modbus PCMCIA module TSXSCP114.

To access these read and write statements:
Open an operate block (shift F3)
Right mouse click, select "Enter call for a function"
Chose "communications" in the left column
Scroll down and select desired function, in the right hand column
Select the "Details" button in the upper center of the screen
Select the addressing wizard by pushing the button in the upper right corner