MODBus TCP to BACNet IP Gateway Using v6 IP addresses

I've got one that has me baffled. Looking for a MODBus TCP to BACNet IP gateway that can poll a MODBus node having a version 6 static IP address. I've called everyone and their uncle and can't find a product that accepts v6 IP address.

For example, this particular MODBus node has an address of 2001:4888:a05:1fff:e0:22:0:49. I can ping this address, no problem. Just can't find a product that can accept v6 IP address. Does anyone know of such a product?
Hi Cooker,

I work for chipkin automation. You can contact me at [email protected]. We currently handle two product lines, the CAS Gateways and Fieldserver Gateways. I know that the CAS Gateways do not have this capability currently but we can develop such capability. Contact me for further details.

I will check as to the FS Gateways and get back to you soon.
I checked, and we don't have FS Gateways either that have this capability. However, we can develop it if you are interested.

Please let me know.