Modbus timeout error

Hi there, im trying read energy meter with rs 485 converter through modpoll software.But whenever i connect directly to the device i can reciceve a continuous response.
when i tried to connect from the control room(through pc) its response is not continuous(the distance between the meter and control room 30 meters only), at same time when i use my rs 485 converter in my laptop(from
and tried to connect to the device its response is continuous. There serial setting on both ends are identical, and their polarity also correct. I also checked with different cable but problem still presist. when i tried to loop this mfm device with other devices entire communication stops and shows modbus timeout error, at a same time rx led in rs 485 show constant flash without even establishing a connection or sending a request.
i also attached the comm.log . pls someone look into this i cant figure it out why its happening..


Can you please clarify what you mean by "continuous response"?

Your communication log seems to show several TX packets in a row, indicating timeouts are occurring. How long is the master's timeout setting configured for? You may need to increase this value.