Modsoft Combo via TCP - Timeout after long idle

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Per Abrahamsson

I think the summary says it all. This is not really a problem. A simple workaround is to just logout and login again.

As long as I work with the Modsoft 2.62 online in Combo mode, there is no timeout. Neither if I go for lunch, coffee or any other lesser break. But if I leave Modsoft online overnight, I can next morning read the message "Error 199 Timeout without a PLC response". Just as if I tried to go online with the TCP cable disconnected.

The message has appeared on several computers with Modsoft and TCP communication, running Windows 2000 or XP.

I don't think there is any faulty about the NOE 771 TCP-adapter, since all other applications accessing it run well without timeouts.

Anyone out there, who knows what happens? Is there any setting, which should be altered?