Modicon Modbus TCP module NOE 711 11 and Modsoft


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Per Abrahamsson


Our customer has a few Modicon Quantum, which are configured and programmed using Modsoft 6.22. There is now a need to add TCP/IP communication abilities to those Quantums. While our customer up to now have used the module NOE 711 10 without problems, this module now seems to be out of sale, and is to be replaced by the module version NOE 711 11. According to Schneider's salesman, changing from NOE 711 10 to NOE 711 11 requires a software upgrade. As far as I know, Modsoft 6.22 is the last Modsoft version, so upgrading would be to import the whole Modsoft application into Concept or Unity or ProWorx32.

Anybody out there, who knows if this is true, or if Modsoft 6.22 still is able to perform the basic configuration of NOE 711 11 (possibly not including all advanced features)?

Is there another option? E.g. a ModbusTCP - ModbusPlus gateway? Suggestion of a suitable type and vendor?