Modifying module timeout registers on Modicon Momentum and Modbus/tcp


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gary krafcik

i've been using the modicon momentum i/o products for several years with good success. i use the ethernet communication module in all cases. i use 'C' tasks (sockets) to perform the reading/writing from/to the cards. i need to modify the module timeout register(0x4f001). typically to access a register i've subtracted 0x40001 & used this value as the reference starting register. this doesn't seem to work for this particular case. any suggestions ? i'm sure its a personal problem but i really need a quick fix. thanks much.
There have been two exec revisions for the 170 ENT 110 00 Comm Adapter. Both V1.06 and V1.07 corrected errors in the holdup (timeout) configuration.

Robert D. Wagner, P.E.


If the 170ENT11000 module you're using has exec v1.06 and kernel v1.01, there is a problem in the firmware which makes the output holdup time infinite (setting of 0) even if it is changed. If you have kernel v1.01, to rectify the problem
download and load exec v1.07 from (search for the following documents: ENT11000execv106-928.doc and ENT11000execv107-1060.doc) It is also recommended to perform the same update to modules with kernel v1.00. In this case the kernel must first be updated to v1.01 then the exec to v1.07

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