Upgrading old pentium system for modsoft


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we have old system 984-785E, with Pentium 1, windows 95, modsoft environment. Both P1 CPU and win95 is rare, new computers have no serial ports like P1, how can we upgrade our PC and windows to connect PLC without changing PLC and Modsoft.
The easiest way, and likely the most economical, it to simply upgrade to Proworx 32 software and use the existing Modsoft code. PW32 easily imports and uses the same code and runs on current PC operating systems.

Modsoft was a DOS software and became an issue with Windows XP. Still runs but serial connections were often difficult.

No serial port on your PC? No problem there either. Use a USB to serial converter and connect away.

And remember, Schneider (Modicon) did not remove the serial port from your PC. It was the commercial world, not the industrial, that made that decision. Some laptop PCs still do have serial ports.

Chris Jennings

Just get a USB to serial converter or a PCI Express RS-232 card. Or you could use a terminal server and connect via a TCP/IP interface and map a virtual com port. You could even make a virtual machine of the old computer and run the old DOS software on your modern PC. You have a lot of different options. But the best one is probably updating your software and hardware together.

Chris Jennings
Converting to Proworx 32 is an option, although a PAINFUL one. It is NOTHING like any PLC software that you have used.

It does function, but realize that you will be re-learning how to use an entirely new language.

It's not intuitive at all.

Robert Willis

I would like to correct some misinformation that has been posted about ProWORX32. It is NOT a "new" language. It is the standard 984LL Editor that has been adapted to a Microsoft Windows environment. Modsoft was created in the MS-DOS time frame and is no longer supported due to the changing operating systems and personal computer hardware.

Yes it will be a change from you existing Modsoft DOS based application but is NOT a new programming language.

Please contact your local authorized distributor or Schneider Electric office for additional information.