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Andrew Chiang

I am looking for a monitoring and control system that has 16 bit or better A/D true resolution, with high impedence (1 Gohms or better) and able to read thermistor (10K and 30K) as temperature, 0~20mA and 0~10vdc (Analog point). The system must be able to archive all data points at 1
minute interval or better. Please email me if there is such a product.
Why would you want to read a thermistor to a resolution of 16bits ( .001%) when your thermistor is going to have real - time drift much worse than this !!
Sorry Andrew: Your request can not be honored.
Unless exception, A/D converter are 12 bits(4096)
i.e .024%. Just to speak .024 deg C in a 0-100
span. Only RTD can provide that kind of accuracy,
with stability. Then there are so many on the market (typical: OMEGA, Fluke, ..).
Typical interchangability of high precision thermistor is around .2 deg C. There is no need for a 16 bit A/D converter.
Readings spaced one minute looks dense unless the thermistor is imbeded in winding.