multiplexor of two encoders signals


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J-F Portala

Hi listers,

I am working with linear cameras where the line acquisition is driven by encoder pulses. On my application, I have two conveyors, a hole between them for my camera to scan the product. The speed can be a little different on the two conveyors.
I would like to use the pulses from the first encoder when the product is on the first conveyor, and when the product arrives on the second conveyor, I would like to use the second one. My camera has only one encoder input.
Thanks to cells, I know where my product is, but do you know multiplexor for this kind of signal,

I'm also looking for solutions to provide pulses every n encoder pulses.

thank your for your help.
J-F Portala
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Hakan Ozevin

Such a multiplexer is a relay combination in fact. If your encoders have A, B signals only, you will need 2 free contacts for each relay. But if they have Z signal (reference) you will need 3 free contacts. 2 relays with the mentioned
contacts will work. Do not forget to place a delay (say at least 100 msec) for reading after switch on.