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Hi there, just wondering if anyone has come accross a vision system that could fill the following specifications: 1. Sensing lighted tube at ceiling (good contrast) 2. target distance 2-6 meters 3. Accuracy 5cm. 4. Communications any of: MB, MB+, Enet, RS232 5. Sensing Dark to light, Light to Dark transitions 6. Data could be in an addressable memory map, or sensing points can be changed on-line. 7. Small, self contained system. (no room for a PC) 8. Fast response time, 30ms region. I have been using Itran Accuity, but I can't change the program on-line, and would like to be able to changes parameters with the PLC. Thanks, Pierre
As a Cognoid, this may be a little Spamish, but here goes.... If you contact Cognex Directly at [email protected], they will have an engineer contact you and evaluate whether or not an In-Sight(TM) system will work for you at no charge. The only one of your requirements that sounds tricky would be communicationg via MB+, but I know there are bridge modules to accomplish that. Good Luck!