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Need to know which is the latest version of RS View Machine Edition. I heard about some serious bugs in the version 3.0. Were they corrected? Is there any patch available?

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Thank you pals.

Trevor Ousey \(list\)

Current version is 4.0 with some patches, including FactoryTalk. I heard the same regarding 3.0, and it was suggested that at a minimum it should 3.20, but one client had V3.0 of SE deployed on 6 pc's as standalone and was quite happy with no problems. Version 4.0 has been available for nearly 2 years so it is quite stable with the patches. I believe version 5 is close, to be released with CPR 9.

Nathan Boeger

Every software package has bugs. "Serious Bugs?" That's pretty open-ended. You might look through product advisories and changelogs for this sort of thing. Unfortunately, software companies tends to brush these sort of things under the rug. I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. You might be better off asking for integrator/end user's experiences with RSView ME and what version.

Nathan Boeger, MCSE
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