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Majid Hussain

I have three days to design a system to control an electric throttle on a cart. I am using a DC brushless motor with a tachogenerator for speed control. I have no idea how to incorperate a tachogenerator into my circuit. Any help doing this would be great, i also need to model my system and design some algorithms in either matlab or simulink, any help would be vastly appreciated.

Curt Wuollet

The classical method would be for the throttle to generate a DC voltage from 0-10V which compared with the tach voltage scaled so that full speed = 10 VDC. The error is used to control the motor driver.

In real life if it had to work in three days, I'd buy any of a number of motor drives that would do this off the shelf. If I had to design one in three days, I'd study a couple of these, see how they are modeled etc. Analog would be anachronistic, but probably much easier to model.



Steve Myres, PE

Were you sleeping in class? The tachogenerator is your "feedback" signal; it tells you how fast the motor is currently turning. I'll "leave the rest as an exercise".