Nematron Interview


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The Wall Street Transcript did an interesting interview with Nematron on 11/29/99 (its posted on-line at )

I am curious as to what the users of Nematron (and its competitors) products have to say about CEO Matt Galvez's comments regarding the PC
based controls software business.

It sounds like Nematron is focusing its efforts on providing a complete PC based solution (both hardware and software from a single supplier). I am wondering how much value there is to getting the hardware and most of the software, as an integrated package, from a single vendor. How much (if any) of a premium are system builders willing to pay to avoid finding/integrating pieces from various vendors themselves.

The ability to purchase a plug-and-play PC based system certainly makes the
migration from PLC to PC a lot easier to swallow. I (for one) am willing to
pay double what it would cost me to make my own system...especially when you
consider that would still be a lot cheaper than an equivalent PLC. It's
also very convenient to order one part from one vendor and have it show up
ready to go.