New Intouch HMI for AADvance PLC and PROVOX DCS

I've been asked to build an Intouch 10.1 HMI application for a boiler. The application will connect to an ICS Triplex AADvance PLC, which I'm told has Modbus TCP connectivity, and a Modbus table that's already been designed. The application will also connect to an existing Provox DCS, which I know little about, but again I've been told that a Modbus TCP connection and associated table will be provided. I have raw material with which to construct the application, but I'm wondering about connectivity.

Should the standard Wonderware MBTCP DA server be adequate to communicate with both of these devices, or should something like KEPServer be used instead? I'd appreciate any suggestions or insight.

Paul Edwards

The Wonderware DASMBTCP should be perfectly adequate for the job.

I would give this a go for initial testing and use something else if you encounter any issues.