On-Off valve for Liquid Sulphur


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Onkar Gokhale

Has anyone came across use of On-Off Ball valve on Liquid (Molten) Sulphur application? For liquid sulphur case, if temp. drops below 135 Deg. C there is chances of chocking of Ball and tremendous maintenance problems

Can anyone suggest which is best suitable option for this case ? preferably where it is in working.
a plugged valve would be the least of your worries. you require a properly designed piping-mechanical equipment system of which the valve is only a small part...
You can use heat tracing around pipeline and valve so that the temperature of molten sulphur shall be maintained above 135°C. You can use electric tracing or steam tracing, as per availability of resources at your end.

I hope this will help you, i can see this option at this stage.
Line is already steam jacketed and shall maintain the temperature above 135 Deg. C However, Clogging of Sulphur in any malfunctioning of steam jacketed line or during start up activities can be avoided by using Actuated Plug valve.

I think, in that scenario, double flanged triple offset butterfly valve can also be used. But it would be costlier solution.
steam jacketed, full orifice ball valves work best

a plug valve may work fine, but you need to concern your self with the actuator torques and deal with partially melted sulfur in the pipe.
Top entry full bore, full or partially steam jacketed valve are suitable, check size availability, Tyco-KTC make available up to 10"