Opinions Needed on Servo Drives/Motors


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We are preparing to build another machine and with this build, we want to standardize our motors/drives plant wide. We are looking for user opinions on drives and motors from the following manufacturers:

Emerson, Kollmorgen, and Bosch Rexroth. What is your experience with any of these? Ease of use and integration? EtherCAT capable? Technical support and help?

Whatever brand we go with will be integrated to a Beckhoff PLC controlled machine over EtherCAT fieldbus. Any input is appreciated.

We an an OEM and recently we standardized on Kollmorgen and have not had any regrets. Support is superb, product has ethernet drivers built in, and has performed very well for us. Emerson we looked at but did not choose, Bosch I am not familiar with their servo products.