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aditya joshi

hi all.

i have to dial a set of pagers in alarm conditions from pc or plc or hmi. please help me. i need this info very badly.


You didn't identify your component manufacturers, so it's difficult to give specific advice. However, if you have a recent version of a major brand HMI, it should have a no-cost or low-cost add-in to do this function. Consider contacting your HMI vendor or checking their website for
assistance--this might be easier than you think!

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
You might think this is pretty stupid but I just did this setup one weekend for my CNC guys because they had a part on the wire EDM that took 8 hours to cut, so they wanted to be paged when the wire broke.

Here is what I did.

I had a laptop with Windows 98 and used the Windows 98 Phone Dialer.

I setup a Micrologix 1000 and RS Linx Single Node, then I created a signal cell DDE link in an excel spreadsheet, then the cell had a value of "1" I excuted a VBA script. In the VB script I wrote VBA "sendkey" commands to open the phone dialer and dial a number...

Lookup sendkeys on the internet or VBA help. You can see that you can control your computer pretty easy doing that...

It's pretty dang lame, but it worked for the weekend flawlessly.


Greg Goodman

Your intent is clear, but there are lots of ways to go about dialing a pager in the event of an alarm, and you provide no information on the circumstances and constraints of your situation. There are scores of programs that dial pagers and run on either Windows or Linux; there are pager networks all over the world using a variety of different comm protocols and interface mechanisms; there are dozens of PLCs and HMIs which provide greater and lesser degrees of support for this feature.

Without knowing what HMI or PLC you're using, what operating system you're running, and what pager network you're dialing, it is impossible to provide you with information that bears on your circumstance. If any or all of these are choices you have yet to make, then a good question might be "Please recommend a combination of PLC, HMI, pager alarm software and pager network that is inexpensive, simple to install and maintain, and well-supported in [pick a country or region]."

Google searches for "pager alarm HMI", "pager alarm PLC", and "alarm autodial pager" return thousands of hits, some of which will probably be of some use to you.

Good luck,

Greg Goodman