Panelview 600 and SLC 503 Comm Problem


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I have a SLC503 and a Panelview 600 configured correctly on RSLINX. Communication checks ok on RSLINX. I can download and upload a program into the Panelview (Panelbuider) and the SLC (RSLOGIX). I have completed the tag database in the Panlview and an associated ladder logic in the SLC.

The problem is the Panelview indicates that the required Node cannot be found and it seems the Panelview and SLC are not linked. I am not sure why. I have followed AB documentation. The Panelview is set up for Node 2 and the SLC is Node 1, etc...

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Trevor Ousey

Have you checked the 'comms setup - DF1' in Panelbuilder are set the same as the 'Channel Configuration' for 'Chan.0 - System' settings in SLC? I think, from memory, the source ID in the SLC is the PLC node in Panelbuilder.
Being able to communicate with them from your programming software proves your hardware is working, but it doesn't mean they will talk to each other.

In panelbuilder:
Make sure you have the proper protocol selected under "application settings". It must match what is set in the PLC.

Check that all the settings are correct under Communications setup. Again, they must match the PLC settings. Make sure the node name matches what is set in the tag editor.
I think that's where your problem might be. You need to have your Panelview pointing to the node that is your SLC.