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Maximilian Johannes Wurmitzer

Does anybody know, how to hack the password
in the Siemens S7-214.

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Maximilian Johannes Wurmitzer

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Pierre Desrochers

Max - We did have a few time in the past this kind of need. The original programmer was nowhere to be found. The best thing would be to call the original programmer and ask for the password. We give ours away all the time at no charge... after ensuring the passover of responsibility to the owner of the machine. I do not know about Siemens but AB has a backdoor
known only to there technical service engineers. Call Siemens and pay them to come in and upload the program for you if they can do...

If the password is in a program on disk it's a little bit easyer. Make two simple programs. Identical. One with a password. Decompile them and compare. You should find the line where this password is inserted. It will take a few hours though .

Hope this helps !


imran shabbir

Dear Lister,
I don,t know any way to back trace the password of S7.
Also write me if the password is for write or read
protection or both.
For instance, you may simply ask the hotline of
Siemens at Singapore. The address of hotline
is:[email protected] or
[email protected]
Also write to me if you find any way to resolve this
Imran Shabbir
I am afraid there is only one way to hack the password; clear the PLC. I am sure that my colleagues will not tell you how to hack the password, because they probably don't know how to do it, at least I don't. Besides, if they would give away that information it could have serious implications. The password was set up to protect the industrial property (knowledge in this case) of the programmer. Making it possible for other people to break the password would not be smart.

Best regards,

Gerard Ammerlaan

Simatic customer support
The Netherlands