Pc-based add-on cards and ladder logic.


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iyer srinivasan

Can you suggest where one could get a third party package which supports ladder logic and works with
data acquisition cards like National Instruments, etc. ?
Check out Nematron's website at www.nematron.com. In about 4 months they will be adding a very user friendly ladder logic package to their existing OpenControl flowchart programming software. You can use both at the same time if you wish since they share the same memory table. OpenControl runs on NT. They also sell "Hyperkernel" which allows your application to run seperately from the operating system (i.e. if NT crashes, your app keeps running). They also sell Paragon software which includes "Operator Interface" tools to create GUI screens.
All of this will work with just about any type of I/O and communications bus you can think of.