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Dear List:

I need to know the location of pilot plants for training or research purposes (universities, institutes). My interest is focused in those
fully automated and if possible with computer supervision and control systems. The area involved is not of prior importance, but is necessary that they make real products.

Any help on this will be welcome. Thanks in advance

Jorge Bastante
Manager, Dept. of Industrial Electronics
Imperial College Process Systems Engineering group in London has a multipurpose automated pilot plant.

Diana Bouchard

The Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican) where I work, has pilot plant facilities described at
http://www.paprican.ca/engl/research/pilot/index.htm. Normally they are available only to Paprican member companies.

The Herty Foundation in Savannah, Georgia, has extensive pilot facilities, including several pilot scale paper machines, for pulp and paper related projects (http://members.aol.com/hertyfound/plant.html).

I know there are other such facilities in the pulp and paper field, you can probably find some by going to the Pulp and Paper Jumplist
(http://www.pulpandpaper.net/jumplist/) and selecting "Research Organizations".

Diana Bouchard

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