PL7 Xway Connection Lost after Second TSXETY4103 Added


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Hi all,

I'm having a premium PLC using PL7, and usually we can remote connect the PLC via xway connection from remote PC. but ever since i added a second ety modul,e the remote xway connection no longer usable.

Here are my configuration. The ETY110 is the original module that used to link PLC to SCADA and remote PC network. ETY4103 is the new module i added and i'm trying to use its IO scan to poll some VFD data. my purpose is to isolate the SCADA network with the IO scanning network. After added 4103, my SCADA still manage to poll the data from plc, and my pc also manage to ip ping the plc. XIP ICMP ping test also no issue, but pc can't connect to plc. I had counter check the xip configuration and all seems retain old value no change. So i'm wondering if it could be my 4103 giving the problem? Hope all sifu can help enlighten

xway dip switch : (2)(6)
IP address :
subnet :
gateway :
Ethernet configuration : Ethernet II

xway address : Network (0), Station (0)
IP address :
subnet :
gateway :
Ethernet configuration : Ethernet II

module utilities: IO scanning (on), the rest all off
IO scanning
Input fallback : maintain
1: IP=, UnitID=255, Repetitive rate=SLOW, RD ref master=950, RD ref slave=0, RD count=10, WR ref master=0, WR ref slave=0, WR count=0