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Liza cabello

Hi i´m studying ingeniering, i´m doing a Project in a PLC Modicon A120 and i need to know some topics. I wait could help me:
1)if the module ADU 206 with analog outputs for a PLC modicon A120 can be programmed with Dolog AKF 2.0.??
2)Which programs can i use for this???
3)Can i get this module (ADU 206) righ now??


I have a PLC Modicon A120 with DEP112, DI board, DAP112 DO board and ADU206. I'm trying to find the software for the Modicon A130. Since it seems to be an obsolete equipment, I think I may be able to find the software for it at a low cost.

I want to buy the software that is able to comunicate with Modicon A130. Please tell me where I can buy this software, or if there is another software program I can use to communicate with the Modicon A130


jochen petry


At first: the module ADU206 is an analog-input module, the type DAU202 is an analog-output module. You can use the A120 with the programming system AKF12 or AKF125.

If you need more information or tools, please contact

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jochen petry
Dear Sir,

We have modicon A120 PLC with DEP DAP ADU ALU BKF and vs. modules! We have some problems on it! to solve this I need to connect to PLC and take the program and analyze it! Do you know what the way is? Is there any programme on PC that I can do it?

do you know anything about it?

Please if you know, help me!